Newport Lakes Childcare & Early Learning Philosophy

Newport lakes childcare & early learning (NLC) is a family owned and operated centre that strives to offer high quality childcare and a flexible early learning program based on every child’s individual needs and interests.

Here at NLC we offer a home away from home and a community hub feel and we are committed to providing a secure, safe and happy environment that is flexible, engaging, stimulating and enhances children’s development and learning.

NLC believes children learn from birth and we understand the importance of building a solid foundation for the love of learning that will benefit children for the future ahead.

We believe and support the importance of children having time to explore, dream, create and imagine without any restrictions. Play is vital in the development for children to meet their full potential. Through play children discover themselves, their strengths and weakness, interests, building self-esteem, express feelings, and learn and practice language. They develop and refine creativity and problem solving skills and develop independence and autonomy.


Our aim is to help nurture the development of children's self-esteem by providing secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships between families, children and educators. We believe trust is a basis for all relationships, and when demonstrated between adults and children this will allow individuals to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

Partnerships between educators, families and children and our community are a very important factor at NLC and we will always endeavor to encourage active and reciprocal relationships with all stakeholders. We will attain this by supporting and communicating with families, respecting cultural diversity and valuing individual values and beliefs. We believe the community around us is a valuable learning tool and by being actively involved within the community around us, we support our children’s sense of belonging.

We encourage everyone's contributions to the program and let the children guide our every day practices

Equity & Inclusiveness

Educators are committed to providing the same opportunities for all children and believing that each child can succeed to their highest expectations. Curriculum decisions support inclusion and opportunities for all children regardless of any barriers. This will be achieved by encouraging and supporting children to participate in a broad selection of individual and group experiences, knowing each child as an individual and offering support and guidance to help further develop self-help skills and obtain a positive identity and strong sense of belonging.


We offer a diverse environment that is reflected in our program and recognize the importance's of sharing each culture and incorporating cultural diversity into our program.

We accomplish this by displaying positive responses to cultural values and plan experiences and provide resources that broaden children's knowledge. Educators encourage each child when talking, to listen and respect different ideas and show fairness and understanding of each other.

Reflective Practice

NLC regularly reflects and critically reflects on all aspect of the program which is an ongoing cycle that all educators, families and children are involved in on a regular basis. All experiences, routines, daily practices within the program have evolved from questions being asked, information collected, trial and error and community input.   

Our Educators reflect on their personal pedagogy’s and practice to ensure the best learning outcomes are achieved for each child. Educators understand reflecting on their own practice regularly support our centres views of continual improvement and the importance of intentional teaching, nurturing children’s ideas, scaffolding learning and being responsive of each child’s current knowledge.

Sustainability Environment

Sustainability and looking after our environment is part of our daily lives across the world. Taking responsibility to reuse, reduce, recycle will assist with our environment and embed good quality values and habits that children will carry into adulthood. Fostering children’s understanding and respect of the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, sea, animals and the land.

We continue to assist children in developing a positive attitude, show respect and appreciation to the natural environments in line with sustainable practices. Educators and other educators/staff role model sustainable practices during the operation of the service.

Child Safe Standards

Here at NLC we believe that every child has the right to feel safe and protected while in our care. Whilst caring for your child we are committed to ensuring that all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the child’s safety and wellbeing is paramount at all times. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse and we will fulfil our duty of care obligations under the law by protecting children from any reasonable, foreseeable risk of injury or harm. We have an obligation to contact authorities for intervention for children and young people who may be at risk of abuse or neglect and we will follow our policies and procedures as required.