Turtles Room

3 years to 4 years

Our Turtles room caters for children from ages 3 years to 4 years of age with a maximum of 16 children.

NLC complies with regulations of child to staff ratios of 1 educator to 11 children. Our centre employs 1 Full time Room leader Diploma Qualified and 1 Certificate III qualified assistances each day when running at maximum numbers. Consistency of educators employed in each room is very important as it helps build nurturing relationships with the children. With the use of a fortnightly roster we aim to have an Educator from each room present in the morning and in the afternoon.

Program planning will include intentional teaching and stimulating activities, imagination, discovery of their own identity and communication with the other children. Imaginative role playing, arts and crafts, storytelling, puzzles, and sharing their play spaces with their friends will build solid foundations for later in life.

Gross motor skills will develop as children at this age enjoy running, jumping, riding bikes and dancing.

Programming and planning is an emerging curriculum. Our beautiful garden offers a bike track, a hill slide, and a dry river bed that can be turned into a trickling stream from our garden water tanks.


We encourage each child to learn from play. All programs are developmentally appropriate that caters for all children’s needs and abilities. We enable children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, social skills and physical abilities by providing open ended experience in both indoor and outdoor experience.