Welcome to Newport Lakes
Childcare & Early Learning Centre

Newport Lakes Childcare & Early Learning is a family owned & operated boutique service, currently rated Exceeding under the National Quality Standards. We are committed to providing high quality care & education for all children in the community.

We have four classrooms and a lovely open yard to all age groups. Our shared yard offers a beautiful natural environment for our children to play in, with their friends or siblings and a large deck area for activities to keep everyone engaged.

NLC exceeds in offering a home away from home environment and a strong sense of community, that flows from our team to the families and children. We are committed to providing a secure, safe and happy environment, that is flexible, engaging, stimulating and enhances children's development and learning.

At Newport Lakes Childcare & Early Learning we provide an interest based program that reflects the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework. Our experienced & qualified staff will strive for all children to have a strong sense of belonging and learn from the environment and community around them.

Through our Curriculum we will provide a unique pre school program that will enrich each child's developmental needs and interest. Our aim is to nurture all children's learning whilst providing experiences in a friendly and secure environment that enhance and supports learning for achieving all required outcomes.

Rated: Exceeding National Quality Standards


We encourage each child to learn from play. All programs are developmentally appropriate that caters for all children’s needs and abilities. We enable children to develop their fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, social skills and physical abilities by providing open ended experience in both indoor and outdoor experience.