Dragon Fly Room

2 years to 3 years

Our Dragon Fly room caters for children from ages 2 years to 3 years of age with a maximum of 16 children.

NLC complies with regulations of child to staff ratios of 1 educator to 4 children.

This room has 2 Full time Room leaders and 2 Assistant Educators and a breaks/planning cover all Diploma and Certificate lll qualified each day when running at maximum numbers. Consistency of educators in each room is very important as it helps children settle and build nurturing relationships between children and their educators. With the use of a fortnightly roster we aim to have an Educator from each room present in the morning and in the afternoon

Our Dragon Fly room offers age appropriate experiences and play spaces offering  different experiences in water play, messy play, role playing and socialisation with other children. There is a focus on supporting children's self help skills and independence. 

Our program is an emerging curriculum, based on the children's interests and developmental needs, using some intentional teaching to further develop their learning and understanding of a topic of interest.

Our garden offers a large story reading area for the children which encourages a fun learning environment. Other features include sand pits, grass areas, beach huts, soft play areas, all surrounded by many interesting plants and an interactive vegetable gardens.

Children will be encouraged to learn about looking after the environment, sustainability practices and participating in their vegetable garden to promote healthy eating whilst contributing to the environment.  

We aim to create elements of the program that encourage every child's participation and meaningful engagement within our community and surrounds. Educators organise regular excursions to the Library, Local shops and Businesses, as well as to some of our beautiful local parks.